Saturday, February 28, 2009

That Does it! Going Private..........

***Please leave a comment with your email so I can add you*** I hope the email hackers feel good about themselves thus causing me to go private.. Sorry I will add anyone. Hurry!!

Thursday, February 12, 2009

So I went crazy!!

I couldn't stop... but I must the laundry isn't getting done! Now I will try and keep it a little more updated .

Nance Summer Vacation Continues...

Glacier Weeping Wall (Yes that is coming in were I am sitting)

St. Mary's Lake Glacier National Park

Glacier (Incredible Drive)

Nance Summer Vacation

Bannick Church

Campground at Bannick State Park

Bannick School House

Picture 1: Tanner
Picture 2: Cousins at the Zoo
Picture 3: Hunington Beach
Picture 4: Disneyland
Picture 5: Lake Powell

New pictures!!

So I have solved the posting problem (dail-up just doesn't cut it)... I just selected a few older pictures of the family fun we have together. We are always spontaneously going somewhere.

Fun in the Sun 2008