Friday, December 12, 2008

Finally!! 10 years!

When I had Austin I would have never imagined I would be buying diapers (most of the time 2 sizes) for 10 yrs! Have you ever figured the math? Incredible? I can honestly say I have succeeded at potty training 4 boys! Whow! I think I should win some award. The last one I am particularly proud of until today.............. I will spare you the pictures. So Porter was eating his lunch and I ran up stairs to get some dish rags out of the laundry room. I folded a few rags and then heard "I am suppose to pee and poop in the toilet right mom?" Just thinking he was reassuring himself and wanting my approval and praise, I said " Yes Porter you are such a big boy!" The house went silent! I gathered up my rags and proceeded down the stairs and as I rounded the corner I was not prepared for what I was about to see................ There was my little Porter squatting on the kitchen counter with his little bum over the sink POOPING!!!!! Do you get mad or laugh? I will leave it up to you to finish the story! Children do the darnedest thinks! (I told you it was best to spare the pictures)


Amanda said...

Found you by way of Jennifer. Fun that we can reconnect.

Potty deserve a medal for 4 boys! Good job

Brenna said...

Lisa that is so funny!! I hope that you don't mind that I found your blog - blog stalking people! I love to re-connect with old classmates and if it is ok I would like to add you to my list of blogs. I have mine set to private but if you would like to view it just email me at

You have very cute boys! I have to hand it to you for getting to raise 4 of them, that is awesome!!!